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We acuired J∞QUALITY certification
About our company's situation of damage by Great East Japan Earthquake

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Number hired A few people

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1.Sewing with sewing machines (It is possible to work as homework only if you live in our neighborhood.)
2.Please contact us or Hello Work if you would like to know detail of other work, for example Final Process and Inspection.

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Endo medias, Kase medias, Nakajima wool Co., Ltd. HONDA DYEING WORKS Co., Ltd.
Kinoshita sishyuu Co., Ltd. Asada sensyoku Co., Ltd. EMYU RAKUSAI Co., Ltd.

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Ookawa Co., Ltd. Knit factory
Manufacture and sales of knit and cut-and-sewn items, made in Japan
617 Ha, Asahi-shi, Chiba-ken, 289-2521 Japan
TEL: +81-479-62-1422